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  1. Karin Burke

    Loved your article… where does it stand with Aristotle’s the whole is greater than the sum of its parts ? … or when we transpose the words…. the sum of its parts is greater than the whole… it garners more meaning… more clues ?

    Is the whole just a dimension, a visible and experiential representation of the sum of all parts? both parts of the objective and the the subjective I/Me ? ….

    Can it indicate that there is another or other dimensional influence/s ? … creation a sense of more to our consciousness…. that we liken to the spirit …. the soul ?

    Remember our empathic connection to others, how we can sense a presence of another at a distance before they com in our vision… even mild evidence of telepathic connections when strong emotions are involved… of thinking of each other at the same time, knowing when a loved one is injured even when it happens thousands of miles away… when thoughts, energetic memories of the other appear to be influencing our responses… our perceptions… These speak of other senses other than taste or smell… or vision…

    • Aravinda Korala

      Hello Karin,

      Thanks for the nice words and thanks for the comment.

      To be honest I did not get very far with reading Aristotle. I will try and research a bit and see whether I can respond to your questions.

      On telepathy, I am a sceptic I am afraid, so I do not think there is a phenomenon there to be explained. But again I will research it a bit.

      Thanks again.


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